Fashion + Passion

We all live in passion! For life itself, our kids, family, health, friends, music, good food, nice books, ourselves.
Born in Brazil, mother of 3, a woman full of energy & passion for life.
After many years of living in Europe, I have decided to bring more Brazil to the rest of the world; a country that has everything but most and for all Passion for Life by....
Enjoying time with family, good proper food, seeing the sun at the most beautiful beaches in the world, the swing the locals have when talking, the fascinating way of looking positively at things, being friendly and offering help, gratitude and love to one another. 
Fashion from Brazil is unique, with class, with the Bossa that runs through our veins, it's just special.  Enjoy the exquisite fabrics, designs and the femininity that is embedded. Believe me, you will hear from everyone around how powerful you look, because you feel it.
I'm passionate about starting my own business and to be able to introduce these beautiful articles to my clients all over the globe by bringing passion through fashion for women like me, like you, like all of us, to passionately embrace who we are and make the most of fashion enhancing how we look and therefore feeling like a BOSSa.
Special thanks to my loved ones, family and friends that made this new exciting moment in my life reality, not only for supporting my ideas, but traveling to the beach on Sunday and Monday morning at 7:00am (thanks Isabela, Pedro, Michelli, Mom, Nana,), staying late for foto shoots and inventories (Thanks Laura, Andrea, Nana, Richard), working hard on the design and website (Dennis), for the first costumers (Ana, Ju, Sandra, Gabi, Debbie, Claudia, Rafa, Pati, Ale, Maria Patricia, Rose, Renata, Kim, Charlotte, Lucilene, Silvinha, Tatiana, Luciana, Pati, Eva, Marcia, Morgana). Obrigada, meninas poderosas! Vamos embelezar o mundo juntas! 


Com amor,

Ana Barni


 "Nada torna uma mulher mais Bonita do que a crença de que ela é linda. "

- Sophia Loren